Given the importance of having access to a car is crucial for many people these days. Whether you need a car for your work, to travel to and from work or to look after your family, a vehicle is an essential part of everyday life. Having access to a car can provide a motorist with a great degree of freedom, and losing this freedom will cause great difficulties in life. If you are facing motoring offences, it is important that you receive the best standard of representation from a legal firm that has considerable expertise in dealing with this style of case. If you need the finest motoring offences representation in London, call on Edwards Vaziraney.

We offer support and representation on a wide range of motoring offences

There is a wide range of motoring offences a person can face, and many of them are extremely serious crimes. This means that there is a need to receive the highest standard of representation at all times. As a firm we have been operating for 10 years, and a lot of our work has been in representing clients against motoring offence charges. We also have team members who have twenty years’ worth of criminal defence experience, and again, our expertise and knowledge of these cases will ensure that you receive the best support and representation no matter the charges you face.

We will do everything we can to provide you with robust representation

When you work with Edwards Vaziraney, you will find that our first objective is to find out if there is a possibility to avoid you receiving a criminal conviction or a driving disqualification. This is the starting point for our representation, and if it is at all possible, we will do everything we can to achieve this objective. We understand the importance of driving and how reliant many of our clients are on using their car. We take your instructions and work hard to provide you with the most viable defence that is available.

We have considerable experience and expertise in this field

We have been able to provide special reasons to mitigate our clients and we have successfully argued that the loss of a driving licence would lead to the loss of employment and exceptional hardship for our clients and our loved ones. We work harder to provide you with the most effective defence and if you are looking to find the most effective motoring solicitors London has to offer, we will be on hand to help.

Some of the driving offences we have represented clients on include:

  • Speeding
  • Careless driving
  • Driving with excess alcohol
  • Failing to stop
  • Driving without insurance / driving without a valid licence
  • Causing death by dangerous driving

If you face motoring offences and you require the highest standard of representation, call on Edwards Vaziraney. We are pleased to say that we have considerable expertise and experience in this line of work, and if you want the peace of mind that comes from being represented by motoring offences experts, please get in touch.

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