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We specialise in serious crime and have built up a large practice defending clients in every aspect of criminal law.

EDWARDS VAZIRANEY are top Criminal Defence Solicitors who specialise in Criminal Defence. We are expert in a wide range of criminal offences including murder, international drug smuggling and armed robbery. We cover the whole of London and the South East but can often travel to other parts of the country depending on the case.

EDWARDS VAZIRANEY employ a first class team of hard working, proactive and dedicated Solicitors, some of whom have over twenty years experience of Criminal Law.

EDWARDS VAZIRANEY only instructs the best Barristers in London, who are handpicked for their excellent advocacy skills and their willingness to roll up their sleeves and to fight fearlessly for our Clients.

EDWARDS VAZIRANEY has been established for over ten years and all the Firm's Solicitors are members of the London Criminal Courts Solicitors Association (LCCSA) and the Criminal Law Solicitors Association (CLSA).

EDWARDS VAZIRANEY has been awarded a Specialist Quality Mark in Crime by the Legal Services Commission and is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

EDWARDS VAZIRANEY prides itself on always being friendly, approachable and understanding. We have represented our Clients in many particularly high profile and sensitive cases with considerable media attention.


All our Clients are always without question treated in a discreet and sympathetic and caring way.

A very high proportion of our Clients have come to us by recommendation from satisfied Clients and their families. Our Clients have access to an out of hours emergency help line which is always answered by our highly experienced and qualified Solicitors.

We believe that we offer an unrivalled degree of service and expertise which is second to none and we would be very pleased to help you at a time when you may need us the most. We always present the Defence case as the one the Prosecution has to disprove.

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Murder – No Further Action

We successfully defended our Client, arrested for the murder of a nurse in New Cross, London. Our Client was taken to Lewisham Police Station for questioning by the Murder Squad. The police were convinced our Client was guilty and their questioning was extremely oppressive. However, on examination of the evidence, we realised it was all based on guesswork. Our Client was advised to give a 'no comment' interview and he was duly released without charge. Our Client’s co-suspect, arrested at the same time for murder, was represented by a different firm of Solicitors who advised him to answer questions, which placed him at the scene of the murder. He was charged and ultimately convicted of murder. No action was taken against our Client.

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Acquittal of Driving with Excess Alcohol

Our Client was charged with being almost three times over the prescribed limit for alcohol whilst driving a motor vehicle. Our Client was found in his crashed VW Golf in the driver’s side with the air bag having gone off. The evidence seemed overwhelming until upon closer scrutiny of the case it was established that no one had actually seen our Client drive the car. Moreover, our Client insisted that his wife had been driving and she had fled the scene after the crash. Our Client had reached over for his cigarettes in the driver’s side compartment when the airbag went off. Our Client’s wife attended Court as a witness to give evidence and our Client was ultimately found not guilty during his Trial at Camberwell Green Magistrates Court.

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Acquittal of Fraud

Our Client worked for Croydon Council. She was accused of misusing her son’s disabled parking badge on numerous occasions. She was charged with several Counts of Fraud. Our Client had worked continuously for the Council for eleven years and she had a good job. Although the Prosecution accepted that the disabled badge had been obtained legitimately for her son who suffered from cerebral palsy, the Prosecution was alleging that the badge was misused for our Client’s own benefit. Our Client’s case was that all times the disabled badge was used legitimately for her son’s benefit when she used to drive him to and from work. Our Client was found not guilty of all the charges against her at Croydon Crown Court and the case was dismissed.

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