• We can help you if you are being investigated or taken to Court because either your dog has bitten someone or your dog has been accused of being a dangerous dog (a pitbull type dog).
  • The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 gives the Court the power to make a Destruction Order against the dog.
  • We have an excellent track record in preventing this from happening.
  • We can instruct top veterinary surgeons who are well known to us to prepare Expert Reports to challenge the Prosecution evidence.
  • So if you or a friend or a member of your family is being investigated or prosecuted, please call us or email us. We will help you.

Some of Our Recent Successful Cases


Our Client went to his local park to walk his dog. He took his dog into the playground area.

The dog ran away and bit two toddlers, causing injury. Our Client was charged with being in possession of a dog dangerously out of control.

We obtained the CCTV footage which showed that our Client had entered the park with his dog on a lead but it must have accidentally snapped causing the dog to suddenly run away.

We explained this to the Prosecution and to the Court and after reviewing the evidence, the Prosecution dropped all the charges before the Trial date at Sevenoaks Magistrates Court and the dog was returned to our Client.


Our Client had owned an American bull terrier for four years. A neighbour had approached the dog and the dog had bitten her, causing her to fall over as well. The neighbour had a clear bite mark to her leg.

We took a detailed witness statement from our Client who explained that his dog had become scared after the neighbour actually fell on top of the dog in the first place.

Our Client was found not guilty at his Trial at Camberwell Green Magistrates Court and his dog was returned to him.

Both owners were extremely relieved, not only for themselves but also for their dogs who had faced Destruction Orders, and the effect the dogs’ losses would have had on their families.