• This is one of our main specialist areas of expertise under the heading of Serious Crime.
  • We are expert in defending Clients in international drug smuggling cases.
  • Only highly experienced Solicitors with an advanced level of expertise and forensic skills will carry out the preparation of these cases.
  • We can help you if you have been arrested or charged with drugs supply or drugs importation offences.
  • We have a long and very successful track record of representing and dealing with Clients arrested and charged with the most serious drugs offences which often involve surveillance evidence.
  • We can instruct top Experts who are well known to us to conduct forensic examinations of telephone records and tachographs and to undertake mobile cell-site analysis in order to challenge the Prosecution evidence.
  • We will always defend on the basis that it is the Prosecution that has to disprove the Defence Case.
  • Please call us or email us if you or a friend or a member of your family needs our help.

One of Our Recent Successful Cases


We successfully defended our Client against very serious drugs supplying and drugs importation offences and he was found not guilty of all the charges against him at Southwark Crown Court.

We had also successfully applied for our Client’s bail, making a very full and detailed bail application at his First Appearance at Westminster Magistrates Court. He was the only Defendant that was granted bail.

He and eleven other Defendants had been accused of supplying and importing 43 kilos of cocaine which was 90% pure cocaine. The drugs had arrived at Heathrow Airport from Mexico City.

The Police also seized 100 rounds of live 9mm ammunition which was found in the consignment.

Six Defendants pleaded guilty before the Trial. Our Client was the only one out of three Defendants acquitted at the Trial. Three others will be re-tried following a hung Jury.

Our Client was also the first to be found not guilty of all the charges by the Jury and was released immediately from the Crown Court.