• We can help you if you have been arrested or charged with a football related offence or if you face a Football Banning Order.
  • We play football. We watch football. We are season ticket holders. We know what it can feel like to be at risk of receiving a Football Banning Order.
  • We have a very successful track record of representing and defending Clients who face conviction and/or Football Banning Orders.
  • Banning Orders are issued by the Courts following a conviction for a football related offence or after a complaint by the Crown Prosecution Service or a local police force.
  • For an Order to be issued, it must be proved that the accused person has caused or contributed to the football violence or disorder and that an Order will prevent them from misbehaving further.
  • Football Banning Orders can last between three and ten years. Breach of an Order is a criminal offence and is punishable by a maximum of six months in prison.
  • We always defend our cases on the basis that it is the Prosecution who has to disprove the Defence case.
  • Please call or email us if you or a friend or a member of your family needs our help.

Some of Our Recent Successful Cases

Acquittal of Violent Behaviour at Stamford Bridge

Our Client was charged with Violent Disorder following the Chelsea v Cardiff City FA Cup game.

We represented our Client who was a life long fan at the Police Station and at West London Magistrates Court and Isleworth Crown Court.

He was seen throwing a metal advertising floor stand at a rival supporter on CCTV.

We successfully defended our Client on the basis that he had acted purely in self defence making a pre-emptive strike and he was found not guilty of Violent Disorder at the Crown Court.

Acquittal of Violent Disorder at South London Derby Game

We successfully defended four Clients charged with Violent Disorder following a South London Derby game when Charlton played Crystal Palace.

The incident was captured on CCTV and there were a number of witnesses for the Prosecution.

We represented each Client at the Police Station and prepared their Crown Court cases. This involved taking statements, visiting the scene of the alleged offence and taking photographs, undertaking mobile cell-site analysis and interviewing bystanders and people present. The Trial lasted four weeks at Croydon Crown Court.

All four Clients were found not guilty and free to renew their season tickets for the following year.

No Football Banning Order Made for a Public Order Conviction

Our Client was a season ticket holder who had travelled to Manchester to see his team play Manchester United. He was arrested and charged with a public order offence that took place in the ground.

We made Written Representations to the Prosecution asking them to consider methods of disposal which would not include a Football Banning Order.

We represented our Client at Trafford Magistrates Court and were successful in persuading the Prosecution to not apply for a Banning Order and we were also successful in persuading the Court to not make one of their own volition.

Our Client had faced a Football Banning Order for a minimum of three years. Needless to say, he was very relieved.

Acquittal of Affray at Chelsea V Millwall FA Cup Semi-Final at Southwark Crown Court

We successfully defended our Client who was charged with Affray following the Chelsea v Millwall FA Cup semi-final. Our Client was a fan from birth and his team had been beaten and he was accused of attacking a rival group of fans with a beer bottle.

The incident was captured on CCTV and showed our Client in possession of a beer bottle.

Our Client was adamant that he had acted purely in self defence even though the CCTV may not have wholly supported this. We fully prepared our Client’s case for Trial taking a number of witness statements from both Chelsea and Millwall fans alike.

Our Client was found not guilty at his Trial at Southwark Crown Court.