• We can help you if you have been charged with Fraud.
  • We can also help you if you have been accused of Benefit Fraud and you have received a letter asking you to attend an interview under caution or you are being taken to Court.
  • We can often negotiate with the Benefits Agency for the money to be repaid if there has been an overpayment without there needing to be a Prosecution.
  • We are very experienced in this field and if your case does go to Court we have a successful track record of defending all these types of case.
  • Please call or email us if you or a friend or a member of your family needs our help.

Some of Our Recent Successful Cases

Prosecution Offer No Evidence on Benefit Fraud Charges at Croydon Crown Court

We successfully defended a single parent of benefit fraud. She was accused of dishonestly making false representations to the Department of Work and Pensions to claim Income Support and Housing and Council Tax benefit.

She was accused of defrauding the London Borough of Lewisham of £25,000.00.

We identified that she was possibly suffering with symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which had been caused by domestic violence.

We instructed a top Psychiatrist who prepared an Expert’s Report for us which confirmed this, negating any specific intent of dishonesty and making detailed representations to the Prosecution, also sending our Expert’s Report to them, the Prosecution agreed to offer no evidence at Court and all the charges against our Client were dismissed.

Acquittal of Mortgage Fraud and Money Laundering at Croydon Crown Court

Our Client was found not guilty.

The Prosecution accused our Client of giving false information and creating false documentation to give to his mortgage broker to obtain a £121,000 mortgage. Our Client denied this.

We instructed a top Forensic Accountant for our Client which exposed the Accountant and the Mortgage Broker to be thoroughly unreliable and dishonest Prosecution Witnesses.

The Judge at our Client’s Trial directed the Jury to find our Client not guilty of all the charges against him. The case was dismissed.

Acquittal of Fraud Against a Council Worker

Our Client worked for Croydon Council. She was accused of misusing her son’s disabled parking badge on numerous occasions.

She was charged with several Counts of Fraud.

Our Client had worked continuously for the Council for eleven years and she had a good job.

Although the Prosecution accepted that the disabled badge had been obtained legitimately for her son who suffered from cerebral palsy, the Prosecution was alleging that the badge was misused for our Client’s own benefit.

Our Client’s case was that all times the disabled badge was used legitimately for her son’s benefit when she used to drive him to and from work.

Our Client was found not guilty of all the charges against her at Croydon Crown Court and the case was dismissed.