• We can help you if you are being investigated or prosecuted for a Health and Safety offence.
  • Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 all employers are duty bound to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their staff and any visitors to their premises.
  • The law on Health and Safety has become increasingly more punitive and for the first time under the Health and Safety Offence Act 2008 a prison sentence of up to two years can be imposed.
  • If breaches in Health and Safety result in or cause death then those responsible may also face prosecution for individual gross negligence manslaughter or corporate manslaughter.
  • It is therefore vital to be represented by an experienced and highly trained Solicitor who is familiar with the legislation.
  • Please call or email us. We will help you.

One of Our Recent Successful Cases

Allegation of a Breach in Health and Safety Causing Death – Prison Sentence Avoided

Our Client was a nursery worker who was accused of failing to provide adequate care at the nursery she worked at following the tragic death of a two year old child.

We were successful in persuading Chelmsford Crown Court to not impose a term of imprisonment.