• This is one of our main specialist areas of expertise under the heading of Serious Crime.
  • Only highly experienced Solicitors with an advanced level of expertise and forensic skills will carry out the preparation of these cases.
  • We have considerable expertise in representing and defending Clients accused of robbery and firearms offences.
  • We have defended in many serious and organised armed robberies where the investigations are conducted by the Flying Squad.
  • We have represented and defended numerous Clients of serious robberies and firearms offences and can instruct top forensic scientists who are well known to us to challenge the veracity and reliability of the Prosecution evidence which can often result in the Prosecution dropping the case before the Trial.
  • Please call or email us if you or a friend or a member of your family needs our help.

Some of Our Recent Successful Cases


We successfully defended our Client of the possession of a loaded handgun with the Prosecution offering no evidence at Court.

Our Client had been accused of running from police and discarding a loaded handgun whilst they were in pursuit of him. Sniffer dogs found the gun in some undergrowth on the route that our Client had taken.

We represented our Client at the police station and prepared a four page statement on the basis of his instructions to us when he put forward his denial of the allegation at the earliest opportunity.

Forensic evidence was served by the Prosecution at Court which linked our Client to the gun by his DNA.

We successfully argued that the DNA evidence was flawed and unreliable after instructing our own top Forensic Scientist. The Prosecution dropped the case against our

Client at Court and the case against our Client was dismissed and our Client released.


We successfully defended our Client who was charged with the possession of a pump action shotgun and a self loading rifled gun and ammunition which had been seized by police following a Search Warrant at her home address.

The police found the items in a holdall in her back garden, in the side

Also found in the cupboard underneath her stairs was cocaine and a cutting agent. She was also charged with possession of Class A drugs with intent to supply.

Our Client denied all knowledge of all the items.

We made a successful bail application at our Client’s First Hearing.

In the absence of any direct evidence linking our Client to the items found we successfully persuaded the Prosecution to offer no evidence at Court and all the charges were dismissed.


We successfully defended our Client who was accused of the robbery of a newsagent using a firearm.

He was arrested at Clockhouse Station in Beckenham, Kent, having been accused of holding up a newsagents with a firearm and stealing £350.00 from the till.

Our Client had been found in possession of £350.00 and been street identified (and later identified in a formal ID parade).

Our Client’s defence was that he was in Lewisham at the time of the robbery. The only way we could prove this was by obtaining mobile phone cell-site analysis, which we duly did.

After presenting the cell-site analysis to the Prosecution, they decided to offer no evidence against our Client as it was clear he had been in Lewisham at the time of the offence.

The case against our Client was dismissed at Croydon Crown Court.


Our Client was found not guilty of armed robbery/a car hi-jacking with a firearm at Blackfriars Crown Court.

Firearms and ammunition had been found under the floorboards of our Client’s home address on the day following the robbery.

Our Client denied the robbery and having any knowledge of the firearms and ammunition.The Prosecution Forensic Expert stated that our Client’s DNA was on the firearms.
We instructed a top Forensic Expert to challenge the Prosecution’s evidence.

Our Expert successfully proved that the Prosecution evidence was flawed and unreliable and the case against our Client was dismissed.