• We can help you if you are being investigated or prosecuted by the RSPCA.
  • Very often the same people accused of RSPCA offences are caring owners with the best intentions who have unblemished records.
  • Usually, some simple advice or assistance would have been much more appropriate than an unnecessary prosecution.
  • We have successfully defended pet owners of the following:
  1. Animal neglect and cruelty
  2. Failing to obtain medical treatment
  3. Violence and cruelty
  4. Neglect and causing unnecessary suffering
  • We can advise you from the outset.
  • The RSPCA will often attend your home address after they have received anonymous reports of ill-treated or sick animals.
  • If you are contacted by the RSPCA and they say they wish to interview you under caution, you are entitled to have a Solicitor present and the RSPCA cannot interview without a Solicitor if you request one.
  • If a case goes to Court, most of these cases, although they are dealt with in the Magistrates Court, are still treated severely and so it is very important that you are professionally represented by a Solicitor throughout the proceedings because it can make a significant outcome to your case.
  • We can instruct top veterinary surgeons who are well known to us to prepare Expert Reports to challenge the evidence prepared by the RSPCA.
  • So if you or a friend or a member of your family is being investigated or prosecuted, please call us or email us. We will help you.