“In October 2013 my father was unexpectedly arrested, he declined a Solicitor until he realised he was in quite a serious situation and thankfully for us EDWARDS VAZIRANEY were the on duty Solicitors that night and my father was seen by their Representative.  He reassured my father that he would deal with the situation and in the morning when he had to appear in Court, my father was met there by the Barrister that EDWARDS VAZIRANEY handpicked for me.

My father was pleased that the Barrister had been passed the information regarding  his case and he did get him bail.  From then on he was introduced to his personal Solicitor and he only dealt with the two of them, which when you are in this situation not having to explain yourself to different people constantly is a huge factor.  It really did make him feel safe just having this small immediate unit around him.

We strongly feel the Solicitors were very professional throughout the whole case, hugely respectful to my father and above all were very good at their jobs.

My father had to go through a three week Trial and the whole time felt that he had the best possible team representing him and when he did feel concerned by anything they listened to him and dealt with the issue whilst continuing to be positive and reassuring which is exactly what you need when you are put in this situation.

Thankfully for us my father was found not guilty and this chapter is over for us and we are hugely grateful to EDWARDS VAZIRANEY for this.

We would  hugely recommend EDWARDS VAZIRANEY for their excellent support, knowledge and just overall professionalism.”

“My Partner was found not guilty of two offences of causing GBH with intent. The Solicitor, who personally represented him, was an amazing and understanding woman who was 125% dedicated.  It was not just a job or a case to her.  Everything mattered to her.  She believed in my Partner.  She knew he was innocent and that he was only defending himself.  She genuinely cares, is passionate and dedicated to get the right result.  Her whole legal team was dedicated and believed in my Partner.  We felt as though the Firm had become part of the family.  It was an amazing day when my Partner was acquitted.  We would not hesitate in recommending EDWARDS VAZIRANEY.”

“I have known EDWARDS VAZIRANEY since 2008 when my brother was charged with robbery.  The solicitor at EDWARDS VAZIRANEY took care of every little detail of the case and tried her very best to do everything to help him.  She also got an excellent Barrister to represent my brother at the Crown Court.  I found EDWARDS VAZIRANEY to be very reliable, efficient, helpful and polite.  An excellent team at EDWARDS VAZIRANEY.  I would recommend this Firm to anybody who needs their help.”

‘You were the third Solicitor I contacted that Saturday morning July 17th, on the wake of the unexpected events of the previous day.  Over the phone, your kind nature and genuine character came straight across and so it was throughout the next seven months, despite all the uncertainness about the outcome your conduct showed me that I could not only rely but also trust you.  Thank you for believing and supporting me.  God bless you.”

“Friendly and well organised, EDWARDS VAZIRANEY has provided me with clear, concise and well explained advice on several occasions.  Could not have asked for better representation at the police station and especially at Court.  Have referred many friends directly and all have said the same.  10 out of 10!  Always!”

“We are only too willing to praise EDWARDS VAZIRANEY.  Over the years we have know them, they have always been very approachable – willing to listen at whatever hour of the day/night.  Very sympathetic to problems when necessary but also very determined and professional to do the very best for their Client.  As we know from personal experience EDWARDS VAZIRANEY has always been outstanding in representing our son and willing to go that extra mile.  It is also worth mentioning that whenever we have had to contact the office, the secretarial staff been brilliant.”

“A very special thank you to just to let you know your kindness means so much more than any words can show.  You have been so kind to me when I visit the office or phone.”

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help during my case.  You put me on the right road with your guidance which certainly helped me.”

“Thank you for your patience and good advice in helping me with my case.  So pleased it’s over.”

“Thanks a million for your support and professionalism.  You have given my family back its life.  We have not stopped smiling and thanking you!  We will never forget you.”

“Thank you with all my heart for helping my brother get his life back and believing in him all the way.  Wishing you all the best.”

“Thank you for your help.  It was good to have fair and good help.  It is very scary at Court and I am grateful I was represented by you!  I will keep your business card in my wallet.  Thank you so much.”

“Thank you for representing me at Court on my first day and everything that you did to help me through my journey.  Thank you for being so special and kind.”

“Having known one of the solicitors at EDWARDS VAZIRANEY for 25 years plus, I have approached her on various occasions to assist with many of my young people who get into trouble.  I am a Foster Carer.  She has always acted very promptly and professionally and has the ability to relate to my Clients extremely well.

Overall I have found my experience of working with her to be fantastic.  I would recommend her to others without a doubt.”