• We can help you if you have been accused of a Trading Standards violation.
  • Trading Standards cover legislation created by Government to protect consumers and investigations can be triggered by an alleged violation of acceptable standards in the following:
  1. Consumer/buyer rights
  2. Food safety
  3. Animal welfare
  4. Sale of age-restricted products
  5. Fair trading
  6. Food labelling
  • Trading Standards prosecutions can be serious and can result in prison sentences. The potential for damage to reputation can also be huge. So it is essential that businesses take a proactive stance in this area.
  • We are often able to negotiate with Trading Standards to prevent a case from proceeding to Court.
  • We can provide clear, precise and commercially considered advice to help our Clients at all stages of investigation.
  • We can become involved on your behalf at an early stage, can attend any interviews with you and represent you in any proceedings that may ensue.
  • We only defend Trading Standards cases but in the past some of our Lawyers have been instructed by London Boroughs such as Camden to prosecute a wide range of Trading Standards matters.
  • This makes us quite unique as Defence Lawyers because we can use previous Prosecution experience to our advantage, being able to de-construct the Prosecution case and defend more effectively.
  • Please call us or email us and we can start advising you on the best way forward.